How a condition you have never heard of, is responsible for your chronic pain.

Chronic pain I Berwick Family Osteopathy

Central sensitization

This is the term used for changes that happen in your nervous system when you have pain for a long period of time (chronic), usually after 6 months. Basically, your nerves become over-reactive and tell your body there is pain when there is no damage being done.

Chronic pain I Berwick Family Osteopathy

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How does that help us?

Studies now tell us that being aware of the process of central sensitization and changing the way you think about chronic pain is crucial. Practitioners call this ‘pain physiology education’ and should be part of your management plan if you have persistent pain.

You’re not alone

1.6 million Australians had chronic pain in 2016 or 1 in 5 Australians over 45. 

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Where do I start?

Pain physiology education is one part of the management plan to tackle chronic pain which will also include certain exercises and manual therapy. We have osteopaths with further education in chronic pain who can help.


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Blog written by Dr Samuel Wilmann – Registered Osteopath.
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