How do I improve my Driving Posture? 


As a society we spend a long time in our cars, just over an average of 8 hours per week.  

Sitting in a car for prolonged periods of time can put a strain on our bodies and increase the chance of developing musculoskeletal conditions or injuries. Osteopaths understand vehicle ergonomics and can provide education on how best to set up your vehicle for optimal driving.  


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Top Tips:

Below are some tips to adjust your vehicle ergonomics to improve your driving posture:  

Seat base and height: The base of the seat is usually adjustable. Move the base tilt angle so that the thighs are supported along the length of the chair, to avoid pressure behind the knees. Raise the seat as high as is comfortable. 

Seat backrest: The back rest should be adjusted to provide support along the length of the back. The chair should remain in contact with the body until shoulder height. 

Pedals: The seat should be moved forward until you can easily depress the brake and accelerator pedal with your foot.  

Back support: Check to see if the car has a lumbar support. This provides support to the lower back and has comfortable pressure along the length of the backrest.  

Steering wheel: Adjust the steering wheel towards you and downwards for easy reach. Try to avoid the arm being on full stretch. There should be a slight bend in the elbows in both arms when driving. 

Mirrors: It is recommended to adjust the rear view and side mirrors ensuring that they can be used without excessive straining of the neck or upper body. 

Headrest: The headrest should be adjusted to align with the head. This is to offer support as well as to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a car accident. 


If you require assistance with your driving posture or have musculoskeletal pain and are wondering if an Osteopath can help you, give us a call at Berwick Family Osteopathy and Spinal Clinic on (03) 9702 0094, or make an appointment online. 

We can’t wait to see you in the clinic and help you with your health.


Blog written by Frankie Gargaro – Registered Osteopath

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