Suffering from Headaches & Migraines?

Headaches are a very common condition that will affect almost everyone at some stage throughout their life. Headaches can range from mild and annoying to severe and debilitating and can have major impacts on an individual’s life. Headaches can be caused by a range of different factors. Some of these include posture, tight and dysfunctional musculature, stress and even referred from dysfunctional segments within the neck. Headaches can also point to a more sinister underlying condition which is why it’s important to get your headaches looked at as soon as possible.

Other common causes of headaches we see as osteopaths are:
Poor posture, Eye strain, Sinus congestion/sinusitis, Stress, Jaw problems – grinding or clenching of teeth, Hormonal and Whiplash injuries

How we can help:

Common types of headaches that present to our team are:

Tension Headaches
Cervicogenic Headaches
Cluster Headaches
Hormonal Headaches
Sinus Headaches

Osteopathic treatment may include, but is not limited to:

Soft Tissue Massage
Joint Mobilisation & Manipulation
Balanced Ligamentous Tension
Muscle Energy Techniques & Stretching
Dry needling & Taping
After treatment you will be given advice into how to manage your complaint/injury.
This may result in such things as; stretching/strengthening exercises, heat/ice therapy, ergonomic awareness exercises or advice into what to avoid, to help your injury recover.

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