Dr Holly Anderson

Registered Osteopath

About Dr Holly

Holly graduated from Victoria University in 2006 and has been exposed to many different patient types over the years, through extensive work with Cheltenham Football Club and with experience in private practice.

Holly enjoys treating the wide variety of patients who can benefit from the holistic approach of osteopathy, from the elderly right through to children and babies.

Holly has completed numerous post-graduate courses in obstetric osteopathy, breast feeding, paediatrics and Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, and has a special interest in treating the family unit. With three young children of her own, Holly recognises the demands of family life and believes that osteopathy is an ideal, gentle, treatment to help in all areas of women’s health, including pregnancy, preparing their body for childbirth and helping in their post-birth recovery, improving musculoskeletal function of children & teenagers of all ages, and aiding newborns in such areas as movement restrictions, plagiocephaly, reflux management, colic symptoms, unsettledness, and feeding difficulties.

Working with Maternal Child Health Nurses, lactation consultants, GP’s and various other practitioners ensures optimal wellbeing is achieved.

Member of COCA
Caroline Stone Obstetrics
Caroline Stone Paediatrics
SCTF Fundamentals of Osteopathy In the Cranial Field (2008 & 2013)
George Stylian on Posturology
Paul Lee Interface Course

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