Dr Kathryn Neumann

Registered Osteopath

About Dr Kathryn

Kathryn was first drawn to Osteopathy while she was in high school and suffered from headaches and back pain. She was recommended to see an Osteopath, where she found great and lasting results.

She was very impressed with the comprehensive and holistic approach that Osteopathy offered. It also combined her passion for human anatomy and biomechanics as well as working in the health industry.

Kathryn has an interest in treating all regions of the body, with a special interest in neck and upper back pain. She utilises a variety of techniques from soft tissue, HVLA, articulation and muscle energy techniques to more gentle techniques such as balanced ligamentous tension.

She aims to get people back to enjoying what makes them happy and providing long lasting relief from complaints by identifying causative factors and modifying them where needed. Growing up Kathryn was involved in many activities such as drama, choir, netball, basketball and gymnastics. This has given her an interest in sport related function, injuries as well as injury prevention.

When not at work Kathryn enjoys practicing yoga and Pilates, surfing, going out with friends and relaxing with her family and pets.


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