Looking for Clinical Pilates in Berwick?

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a mixture between recent spinal stability research and the original work of Joseph Pilates. Clinical pilates helps to improve and correct the motor control of the deep stabilizing muscles primarily involved in the spine, shoulder girdle and abdomen. This is achieved initially by a series of Pilates mat exercises, progressing to the spring-loaded reformer machine and trapezius machine. Using spring loaded resistance instead of free-weights, enables the focus to be on muscle control rather than muscle strength. Each set of exercises are tailored to the individual patient.

What to expect in an initial Clinical Pilates Session?

Your initial consultation will last for 45-60 minutes. During this time a thorough history and examination will be undertaken to establish a good understanding of how your whole body is functioning and your osteopath to make a precise diagnosis. From there your Osteopath will set up a personally tailored program for you. This will contain exercises that you can undertake on the floor in your own home; as well as exercises to perform on the pilates reformer and traps table. After you have completed this initial pilates consultation you are able to continue with one-on-one sessions or join in a class.

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