Tips for Dealing with Tennis Elbow

Tips for Tennis Elbow | Berwick Family Osteo

Tennis elbow happens when there’s inflammation and pain over the outer side of the elbow.

With excessive overuse or repetitive twisting of the forearm, it causes the muscles to pull on the tendons and become inflamed. This may cause pain on the outside of the elbow, which may radiate into the forearm and wrist. You may also suffer with weakness in the forearm and wrist, and difficulty gripping things.

Now you don’t have to be a professional tennis player to develop tennis elbow. It is quite common amongst tradie’s, hairdressers and even us osteo’s!

If you’re suffering from tennis elbow, we’re sharing some ways you can manage it at home as well as how we can help you here at Berwick Family Osteopathy.

Managing Tennis Elbow at Home

In the short term, icing your elbow can help reduce swelling and pain.

Sometimes some rest can aid in the healing process of tennis elbow. However, if you rely on your arms for your work, this can’t always be possible!

There’s also a range of forearm and wrist exercises that can help with tennis elbow treatment. We can assess your condition and provide you with personalised exercises and movements that can help treat tennis elbow.

dry needling for tennis elbow | Berwick Family Osteo

Our Tennis Elbow Treatment

Our Osteo’s can help treat tennis elbow in a range of ways. Some of these can include:

Dry Needling for Tennis Elbow

One way we can treat tennis elbow in the clinic is by using dry needling. This involves placing very fine needles into the affected area, in order to stimulate the muscle and improve blood flow to the area.

This may cause a twitch response, which is beneficial in causing an immediate relaxation of the muscle. Dry needling is beneficial not only for pain management but also in promoting healing in the affected area.

RockTape for tennis elbow | Berwick Family Osteo

RockTape for Tennis Elbow

RockTape is one of our treatment and management tools for tennis elbow.

When applied correctly, RockTape decompresses the tissues immediately below the skin, which aids in improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the area. It also alters the perception of pain and improves body awareness.

These effects overall accelerate the healing process, as it aids in reducing pain and inflammation associated with tennis elbow.


If you’re suffering with tennis elbow, we’d love to help! Each of our patients is treated with individual care, to find a personalised treatment plan that’s best for each of them. Book with one of our friendly team today to help you get pain free faster.

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