Tips for dealing with Shoulder Pain

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Common causes of shoulder pain

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There are many reasons why someone may have a sore shoulder. It is the third most common cause of musculoskeletal consultation in health care. 

Individuals at a higher risk of sustaining a shoulder injury include those who perform overhead work or work with their arms up (for example; construction workers, tradies, hairdressers) as well as people playing certain sports (such as; swimming, tennis, cricket). Physical factors such as lifting heavy loads, repetitive movements in awkward positions, and posture influence the level of symptoms and disability, and psychosocial factors are also important.


Changes YOU can make

  • If you have had an acute trauma injury with your shoulder, a sling may help take some of the weight off
  • Depending on what your injury is, applying ice or heat to the area may help with short term relief
  • Lifting objects closer to your body rather than reaching for them which will help to decrease strain
  • Cuddling a pillow in bed when you lay on your side so your top shoulder stays supported
  • Workspace optimisation – Ergonomically friendly work environments and habits are key to reducing your risk of workplace injuries and pain
  • GET YOUR SHOULDER ASSESSED AND TREATED! Come into the clinic and visit one of our Osteopaths who can try to assist you in your recovery


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Gentle exercises YOU can try

Pendulum exercise – This exercise is designed to be a passive movement that allows the shoulder to stretch out and promote gentle movement. Try out 30s of forward and back, 30s of side to side and 30s of circles in each direction and see how your shoulder feels after! Refer to the video below for a demonstration.

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Spider crawl up the wall exercise – Another gentle exercise where we don’t want the muscles around the shoulder activating, rather the hand actually raises the shoulder up by ‘crawling’ up the wall. If you are experiencing shoulder pain where your mobility is restricted then this can be a great exercise to assist in getting some range of motion back. Refer to the video below for a demonstration.


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Blog written by Dr Tom McKenna – Registered Osteopath.
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