What’s So Good About Archies Thongs?

Archies thongs | Berwick Family Osteopathy

Summer is just around the corner! Time to get yourself a pair of Archies Thongs!

With summer fast approaching, it is the perfect time to get yourself a pair of Archies Thongs! But why Archies Thongs you may ask?

Well, they look just like ‘normal’ thongs, yet provide the same amount of support of a typical orthotic (up to 2.2cm to be precise), providing comfort beyond what is thought possible in a regular thong.

Thongs/flip flops/jandals – whatever you want to call them, are an essential part of our summer attire! But we have all been there after a LONG day of walking around in our thongs – sore feet, sore legs, sore lower back – it all aches.

This is because regular thongs are quite flat and lack support, which leads to pronation of the foot (rolling inwards), causing altered gait biomechanics (the way we walk), leading to increased stress and strain on our musculoskeletal system = PAIN. And nobody has time for pain, especially in SUMMER!!

archies thongs infographic | Berwick Family Osteopathy

So what makes Archies Thongs so Good?

Well, these podiatry-approved thongs are made from a super comfortable, highly resilient and lightweight foam material, which makes them super comfy to wear, whilst providing the arch support your feet need. This helps to evenly distribute the load and pressure placed on the feet when walking or standing for prolonged periods. The elevated heel also reduces the stress placed on the calves and achilles tendons.

The straps are also tighter, which prevents toe clawing/scrunching toes (something that happens when wearing regular thongs to stop them from falling off your feet because the straps are too loose). This reduces the increased stress and strain placed on the muscles of your arch, enhancing proper foot function, allowing you to walk more naturally.

The straps are also designed to prevent blow outs – you know that annoying thing that happens when your strap breaks and you have to walk around with one thong on – we have all been there! This is because it is all moulded together as one unit.

Plus they can be worn by ANYONE! You don’t have to have flat arches or issues with your feet such as plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinopathy to wear them. They can be worn by anyone who wants COMFORT, whilst still looking STYLISH.

Once you try them, you will never want to take them off! So what is stopping you from getting a pair or two! One for outdoors and the other for inside! We all know how uncomfortable walking around on the cold tiles or floorboards at home can be.

So pop into the clinic and get them QUICK, before they’re running off our shelves!

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